AI for Data Teams

A "no lock-in" solution, supporting your existing Analytics tooling across all types of datasets. A language and tool agnostic solution to speed up your Data development efforts.

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About Us

Atad.ML (Stealth Name) is a brainchild of early team behind Looker (acquired by Google). We're a new kind of Middleware for Enterprise Companies that helps Data Teams effectively leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) for everyday work.

The cost of hiring  data professionals is becoming prohibitive as more and more companies draw on a relatively small pool of specialized talent. AI is the only answer to meet the ever-growing demand.

The current state of AI is such that general approaches are not very reliable. By running our own tests (see the Benchmark App), we have determined that most LLM-powered solutions do not work outside tiny sandboxes.

Our approach relies on automated context-aware code generation. It's an AI developer-centric platform that helps its users create an entire codebase, rather than just code snippets. The methodology could potentially be used for creating ETL pipelines, analytical data models, orchestration schedules, etc..

The solution works by translating simple plain language descriptions into production-ready codebase.

Our aim is not to replace "analytics as code", but to increase the market: helping 10x more users, write 10x more code, 10x times faster.

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What do we believe in?

Not everyone can "Do Data"

During the last decade as an industry we've pushed companies to adopt "Data Driven Cultures" by giving everyone access to Analytics tools. This, however, rarely worked well in practice. Not everyone is suited to work with Data - to make inferences and logical conclusions. We understand this and want to focus on people who are actually good with Data:  people with analytical, technical, and science backgrounds.

Together we are Stronger

Traditionally a Data Role is viewed as a profession of lone geniuses. We believe that whether you are a genius or not is irrelevant to how much all of us can benefit from collaborating on projects together. Open source communities are a prime example of this.